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Spirits & Lyrics

May 24, 2019

In this episode we travel to the Grand Division of Middle Tennessee in the USA (00:48). We discuss the legend of Nathan “Nearest” Greene (14:32), the first African-American Master Distiller in the US who taught Jack Daniels himself the Lincoln County Process (20:25). Next we cover bottle packaging along with sight & smell observations (26:59) and then try out Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey (31:07).

We then discuss the story of The Werewolf of Dickson County (40:12). The importance of what transformation means to the werewolf’s mythology & the dread of inevitably losing control of yourself (40:52), Lycanthropy vs Hypertrichosis vs Werewolf Spectrum which digresses on a short-lived 80’s NBC show about shape-shifting (45:15).

We talk about the first sighting of the Wolf Men of Borneo (52:00), the local mob who failed to get revenge for the death of a landowner’s hand at the hands of the werewolf (53:02) and the story of a big game hunter who was hunted himself by the werewolf (55:45). We talk about the large population of the Scottish Dickson Clan in Dickson County and the legend of The Wulver (59:00).

We then quickly give our thoughts on the recommend mixed drink with Uncle Nearest called Tennessee Gold (63:37).

Finally, we round out the show with our discussion about Freddie Waters (69:23) and his song A Full Moon on Main Street (89:20)